The Dior Homme fragrance encapsulates male sensuality and elegance according to Dior. This mythical* men's fragrance is available in a variety of intensities, such as Dior Homme Sport and Dior Homme Cologne, for example.

Dior Homme Sport is a variation of the Dior Homme eau de toilette, reworked with ambery notes and enveloped in spices. The olfactory composition of Dior Homme Sport is thus vibrant and explosive, between citrus and open air, freshness and movement.

Dior Homme eau de cologne represents the elegance of simplicity: a fresh and pure men's fragrance with musky sensuality.

Choose your Dior Homme fragrance the way you choose your outfit, from a sophisticated suit to a casual shirt: a touch of elegance to suit the situation and your desires.

* At Dior.