Discover the foaming cleanser and the collection of makeup removers infused with purifying French nymphéa extracts harvested in the Dior Latour-Marliac garden.


Cleansing is an essential skincare step that eliminates makeup residue. To complement the already-iconic OFF/ON Foaming Cleanser, Dior has created a collection of makeup removers designed for different areas of the face and for all types of makeup – lip makeup, complexion makeup and even eye makeup.

Several textures are available to remove impurities and makeup from the face and eye area, each suited to fulfill the desired sensory experience. The Micellar Water is a makeup remover that hydrates and soothes feelings of skin discomfort with a soft, refreshing texture that is gentle on sensitive skin. The Cleansing Milk combines the richness of an oil with the fluidity of a milk for delicate makeup removal that also offers skin hydrating and noticeably soothing action. Lastly, the Eye and Lip Makeup Remover is a bi-phase makeup remover that gently removes eye and lip makeup.

Once skin is free of makeup, it can be cleansed. Infused with purifying nymphéa from the Dior garden, OFF/ON Foaming Cleanser eliminates impurities and excess sebum while soothing feelings of discomfort and maintaining the skin’s hydration and barrier function. Its creamy texture transforms into a rich, airy foam.